Simple Moisture cream

Hi guys, I simply had to post about my new saving grace for ultra happy skin days! My answer has been Simple's moisture cream! This stuff is golden to me, not only does it come with an SPF of 30 (perfect for protecting pale skin like mine) but it has the most amazing consistency. It is fairly thick in that it reminds me a bit of typical sun screen lotions, except that it is not sticky, has no perfume and sinks into your skin very quickly and evenly. I use it under my makeup in the mornings and it doesn't interfere in the slightest. Knowing that I have such a high SPF on my face (considering it's just a moisturiser) is a great starting point if you're going to be out and about in the sun.
I have always favoured Simple's products, they are my go-to if I have problematic skin as they are so gentle! This particular cream has a nice thickness to it, not that it is heavy, but you really feel like you are packing on the protection when you apply it, without the nuisance of it being oily or sticky. Once it's on, I honestly don't know it's there!
The other massive bonus is that this is so cost effective, I only paid a few pounds for it but I find myself reaching for it over some of the more 'high end' products in my bathroom. So if you happen to need a skin pick me up, but you're not sure where to start? Try this ladies, Im pretty certain you won't be disappointed!
Let me know your thoughts!

love Bunty

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