Space saving storage!

When it comes to creating space and saving valuable space one of my preferred methods for soft items is to vacuum pack them. Recently, Noah's wardrobe has been getting rather full and there were two large moving boxes sitting at the bottom which had just been left untouched when we moved. I had already organised them to contain  all of his old clothes that he had outgrown, but since needing more space, I decided to delve into them and start vacuum packing them away!
Now, I am not an uncontrollable hoarder by any means, I do my bit to recycle old clothing etc and try to not let our 'stuff' take over the house too much! But there is a good amount of Noah's things that I don't have the heart to let go of yet and when it comes to clothing, I hope I will be able to pass on his old things to any future brothers he may have. 
Therefore, I decided to separate his clothing into three bags covering the main three age groups he has outgrown already: 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9-12 months. This way it will be easy to reach for specific clothing in the future and I know I will save a tonne of space too!

Let the packing commence!

All vacuum packed and ready to be stored away! Although the bags look pretty large here, they really are nothing on the pile I began with!

Happy Monday everyone!
Love Bunty


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