Stationary tidy

I have had this stationary tidy lying around for a couple of years not really doing anything and certainly not tidying my stationary! I dug it out yesterday and wondered exactly why I bothered to bring it with us when we moved. But since it's here, I figured I might as well find some use for it. I decided it could be useful to hold some of Noah's bits and bobs but I wanted to freshen it up a bit first. I thought it would be fun to make a mini blackboard out of the front panel and so I painted it with my blackboard paint and then, after some deliberation, I thought it would be funny to use a piece of chalk and draw a moustache on it. The other day at my parents house, we found some fake moustaches that my brother got for Christmas. Noah had a lot of fun trying them on and we were in hysterics watching our baby fiddling with a grown up moustache under his nose! Hence my inspiration for a moustache blackboard! haha!

Love Bunty


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