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Hi guys, I've recently been enjoying looking through our local supermarket's fashion department when I go in for our weekly shop. I've been pleasantly surprised by the summer collections around and twice now I have bought some pieces from our Tesco extra. Supermarkets can be quite hit and miss but a couple of weeks ago I found a pair of trousers which were very like a Ted Baker pair I have been mentally craving! Also, whilst we've enjoyed a few days of warmer weather, I've been on the market for some maxi dresses and skirts. Since ruthlessly clearing out my wardrobe I realise I barely have any 'summer clothes' left and so Im gradually trying to get it sorted! I found a maxi skirt in Tesco's which has a cute pattern and paired with a simple vest I think it will be a really nice alternative to trousers this summer!

Anyway, I thought I'd share you a couple of my favourite buys so far...

Although this shirt looks very red, its actually a bright coral colour. Its so light and summery and polka dots are always a fun way to jazz up any outfit. 

I picked up a pair of nude sandals too, (a bit of a weakness of mine) but these have some really cute details, the gold buttons and patterned cutouts are so dainty and sweet! They are really comfy  and it's so nice to have open toe sandals when the weather is hot!

I hope you like guys!
Enjoy your Tuesday,
Love Bunty

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