Teenage fashion

My little sister Rosie is one of those teenagers that always has an effortless sense of style. She always gets it right somehow and looks fresh, feminine and lovely in everything she wears! I remember some serious 'fashion' fails in my teens and I laugh about them now, but it's funny to consider that I actually take a lot of inspiration from my little sister in terms of what might be fun to wear.
Although there are six years between us, we are very similar in height, looks and we have the same size feet! Borrowing shoes from her is something that has become slightly second nature to me! Cheeky as it is, she always has some lovely new pieces of clothing and shoes to show me whenever I visit home and so we always make a point of spending some time trying on each others clothes and swapping items with each other.

It's a fun way to spend time with her and catch up on what is happening in each of our lives. She is just finishing her lower sixth year at college, a time i'll never forget! It's a lovely part of life where the world is at your fingertips: learning to drive, trying to answer the big 'what's next?' question...Where she is at now really reminds me of some happy moments in my own late teenaged years!



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