The 'Bunty' magazine

Does anyone else remember reading these?! While I've been at home I have been enjoying going through some of my old books and I came across these Bunty magazines which have quite a story behind them! In my mid-late teen years, my older siblings and I had a dear friend, James, who sadly passed away a few years ago. But he was so full of energy and joyfulness during our time as friends and I always remember one time he came to visit us and brought me some vintage copies of the Bunty magazine. One is from 1970 and the other, 1991 and he cleverly edited the front copies to put my own face into the illustrations! As you all know by now, my nickname is Bunty and has been for all my life, it was just such a shame that they ceased printing copies in 2001 when I would have been at just the right age to thoroughly enjoy reading them! 
Did anyone else enjoy these? 

Love Bunty

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