Upholstered office stool

Hey guys, I got so excited when this stool arrived in the post today! I bought it from ebay last week as an 'office stool' for our computer area. Our main computer sits quite high (to be out of Noah's reach) on our sideboard. This has meant that we have had to stand at the computer because our regular kitchen chairs are too low. So I was delighted to find a tall old stool on ebay looking for a new home! I snapped it up at a brilliant bargain and got working on it this evening to make it look a little more in keeping with our home decor.
I recently painted our kitchen chairs and so although I was extremely tempted to paint this stool too, I thought it would be nice to see some natural wood in our living space. Instead, I decided to upholster the seat by stapling two layers of thick wadding and then finishing off with a pretty floral cotton fabric. 
This is a fabric I have used time and time again, but since our move I haven't used it for anything in our living area. It is quite a striking print but I thought it would bring a lovely pop of colour to our white walls and sideboard! The legs are are quite worn and discoloured from previous use but I think they are charming this way. I will probably sand them down a bit and get some nice polish for them but i'm really happy with the result! It definitely saves space in our home and looks decorative too. Another great bonus is that it provides an extra seat for when we have visitors and we are trying to cram everybody around our small dining table! 

Here is a quick 'how to' picture guide...What do you think?

Love Bunty

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