Urban Decay Primer Potion

Hi guys, I think this little tube deserves a mention here. Let me introduce you to Urban Decays eyeshadow primer potion. Now when I first discovered there was such thing as an eyeshadow primer on the beauty market, I laughed at the thought! What on earth is it and why would anyone ever use it?! But now I am completely converted to its usefulness and its hardwearing formula. 
I picked up the original primer, from a collection of four different ones. This is a lightweight transparent cream-like formula which sits underneath your eye makeup and literally will hold it in place for as long as you need to wear it! It does claim to hold your makeup perfectly for 24 hours, but I have not tested that theory!  What I will say though, is that it has made a huge difference to my eye makeup: I no longer need to touch up my lids during the day, smudged eyeliner, build-ups in the creases of my lids and lost brilliance are all mere things of the past once I have this on underneath.
For a long time I have felt that it really doesn't matter what makeup you wear, be it a high end brand or drugstore product. In terms of having a quality finish, what matters is how you prepare your face to apply your makeup. Drinking lots of water, keeping a healthy skin routine and using appropriate bases for your makeup will make such a huge difference to your desired look and to the amount of time your makeup will stay in place.
We're all different, but I know I am not someone who ever wants to have to touch up my makeup during the day. I'm quite ruthless and often think once its on in the morning, it better stay in place or I won't repurchase! It's more my lifestyle that makes me want to do my makeup in the morning and then be done with it till evening. Urban Decay is a shining example to me of a quality brand which do deliver the results.

Wow...that was a bit of an essay! HaHa!
Love Bunty


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