What I feed my one year old

Noah is about to turn one year this month and over the past couple of months he has gotten more and more interested with food, flavours and feeding himself. I like to allow him to take the lead because it's important for babies to practice fine motor skills such as identifying small objects and then being able to pick them up. Meal times are a great opportunity for babies to have a go and develop this skill! Although this ALWAYS means a messy end for mum and dad,  it's well worth the benefit of seeing the satisfaction your baby gets from feeding himself.

Initially I thought this way would make it hard for us to really know how much he is consuming, but Noah always lets us know when he is full (the games of throwing food on the floor ensue), or if he is still hungry he will lock fingers on our plates of food! 
Anyhow, Noah's palette has definitely progressed past the good old puree'd veggies we started out with. I think he finds them boring now compared with the wonderful colours and textures of home cooked meals. Tonight he had some penne pasta with a mixture of veggies and  a sprinkling of cheddar cheese on top. (Just to keep the flavour interesting!) He gobbled it down happily and had his usual 'dunk' in the bath aftwewards! Perfectly timed too as I was shampooing pieces of broccoli out of his hair tonight! haha!
I'll be posting Noah's 1 year update soon, so stay tuned for that! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
Love Bunty


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