Bathroom cushion

A few months back I made a cushion cover for a seat in my parents main bathroom. It had an old flat cushion on it that had endured more than its fair share of shampoo spills and was looking ready for freshening up. I picked out a pretty dotty taupe cotton fabric and purchased some ribbon and, after sizing the material, started sewing two squares together. This was very simple to do, I just turned the fabric inside out and stitched the three sides, leaving the fourth open. On the fourth side I stitched a seam and stitched the ribbon in place so the cushion cover could be held together by pretty tied bows. 

I was very happy with the outcome and, on a practical level, it is just so handy to have somewhere to perch when bathing the babies at the grandparents. We now keep the stool right next to the bath, for that purpose really and it gets a whole lots of use these days!
Happy Thursday!
Love Bunty

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