Dry brushed chairs

Since painting my dining chairs white a few weeks ago, I have felt they looked a bit too stark white in comparison to our other furniture. We have quite a neutral/ gentle palette of colour in our living area and I was a bit unsure about the bright whiteness of the chairs. I knew I didn't want to paint them all one colour either, so I decided to give dry brushing a go.

Without 'preaching to the choir' on this technique, I dipped my brush in the paint and wiped off most of the excess paint leaving only a small amount left to brush over the painted wood. This gave the effect of dry brushing- a rough brushed technique which lends itself well to those quaint English cottage inspired looks. I only painted two chairs, but I'm happy with the result so I will probably do the other ones soon! The paints I used were (you guessed it), Annie Sloan's Paloma and Antoinette. Antoinette, (the light pink colour) looks very light and soft, so much so that it's quite hard to see the paint technique unless up close. As for Paloma, you can really see the paintwork, it has a really weathered, organic look to it and I think it is a perfect colour to try out this technique with!

What do you all think? Sorry about little man photo bombing below...he has recently discovered our radio and won't let it out of sight!

Love Bunty


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