Farmers market & shabby chic heaven

This morning I took myself off to South Molton for another little perusal around the quaint shops there. Of course, I couldn't go very long without popping into my all time favourite: Daisy Park! Once again, their fresh array of homeware items, all beautifully displayed, caught my attention and, to be frank about it, I found it hard to not buy up the whole store!
 I took some photos while I was in store today so that you could all have a nosy at their range. 

I was also very taken by their candle section which was home to some gorgeous locally made scented candles. The ones in the clay pots are actually made by a company called St. Eval Candle Company and I was instantly drawn to them as the Mortons have holidayed for years near St. Eval in Cornwall. We have some very happy memories down there as Eddy and I were dating for four years before we got married. Even after we got married we continued having holidays down there, even bringing our (then) newborn along with us.

 Surprise, surprise: I couldn't resist picking up a couple of bits! I bought my younger sister and myself a little glass jewellery box each. She has just finished college for summer and so I thought it would be a nice 'holiday' gift. And I also had to buy one of the St. Eval candles too! I picked up a lovely square one called 'Baroque Sea Salt'. This has a beautfully fresh scent and somehow really does remind me of our Cornish holidays...I don't know if it's just the name, or what really, but I love it! I can see myself getting a few more of these for our home...perhaps to sit outside with or to keep on display inside...we shall see!

Whilst in town it happened to be Market day too, so I had a lot of fun looking at all sorts of arts and crafts stalls and checking out local produce and talent. I popped over to the bread and cakes stall (no surprise there!) and was totally amazed to find a freshly baked lardy cake! We use to have these all the time when we were kids and I haven't had one for years and years! They just don't seem to be baked very often now, but it was such a treat to find one! I snapped it up immediately to take it home to my parents, who were just as delighted as I was! haha!

Although the photo does not do it justice, this is simply delicious!

Love Bunt


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