Getting ready for holidays

We've had a busy last few days as we prepare for our holidays. We're going away on Friday for 'phase 1' of the summer holidays and as we're going to be away for most of August doing some very different things, I've needed to make sure we have all basis covered in terms of luggage. 
I'll be taking the blog away with me for most of our hols so you'll all get to see what we're up to! 
Phase one will begin in Dorset where we are meeting all of my side of the family for a week of blissful sunshine (fingers crossed!) and, as we've been teasing my mum, a 'Downton Abbey' moment in this beautiful house my parents are renting for the week.
I'm really excited to spend time with everyone: from the newest addition of our latest niece, Joanna, to 'Grandad', the family patriarch! 
I have lots to do around the house to 'shut it down' for the month ahead: including cleaning the fridge, the bathrooms, hoovering, sorting the beds out, getting to the bottom of the laundry and not least, purchasing all the bits and pieces we need for our holidays! (I'm thinking some nice maxi dresses wouldn't go amiss!) haha!

It's all very exciting and I'm really looking forward to sharing everything with my wonderful readers!
Happy Holidays!


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