Home life at the weekend

I love how our pace of life generally slows up at the weekends. We tend to have more time together and opportunities to do more things as a family. Saturday mornings at my parents always involves a leisurely breakfast: waking up to the smell of bacon and coffee...is there anything to top that?! 

As a teenager, I loved nothing more than spending my weekends relaxing and not doing anything much. I fondly remember setting myself up in the garden to read books all day and sun myself at the same time. But I find it hard to sit still for long these days. I think my changed perspective comes from being a mummy and knowing that time to do my own little projects is limited, therefore I have this attitude of just getting on with as much as I can, whenever I can!

But it is funny to see how quickly things go back to the the way they used to be when I am home with my folks. I sat up reading In my bed for an hour last night before finally giving into sleep and I just had this huge sense of déjà vu. In that quiet time I could have been seventeen again!
We still go to church as a family either Saturday night, or on Sunday. It's the same church we all grew up in and have been attending since forever. Steeped in family memories, it's hard to go to church now and not envision my young self running about, rearranging hymn books, trying out the organ and seeking out the tea and biscuits after Mass!
Something I am all too aware of is that being home grounds me and keeps me on the straight and narrow. I am always reminded of what is most important and, I suppose, that guiding sense of where I came from. 

I hope everyone is having a relaxing day today?! Whether you are home or away, perhaps take a moment to think about where you come from and what keeps you on the straight and narrow path.

Happy weekend everyone! 
Love Bunty


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