Keeping cool

This week has been for us the hottest week of the year. We've seen temperatures in excess of 31 degrees down by the sea, so as you can imagine, we have had our work cut out trying to adjust Noah and keep him hydrated and as cool as possible! I have been living in shorts, skirts and loose trousers this week as jeans have definitely been OUT of the question!

Our apartment has also been getting extremely hot as there is little airflow in the corridors adjoining and as the air has been very still outside, there has been little relief from the heat. Although It is so wonderful to have a 'proper' British summer, (and my younger self would relish in the thought of a heat wave), but having a little one to look after has made me wish for a bit more of a breeze lately!

Today the temperature has been right back up there again, so, as Eddy is not at work today we have decided to have a chilled 'beach' morning. We took Noah along to our local spot and enjoyed paddling in the waves together. 
Noah loves this, especially as when the ships pass in the distance they send huge waves to the shore! We stripped Noah down to just his nappy and, after lathering the factor 50 sun cream on him and ourselves, we got paddling our toes!

This made for such a heavenly respite, it was amazing! Just feeling the cool water lapping over our toes has been a gift today!

I hope you're all having a relaxing weekend! 
Love Bunty

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