Keeping it real

For different reasons, yesterday turned out to be quite a stressful day for Eddy and I. One of the things we like to do when we are both feeling a bit burnt out is to simply spend time with our families (usually incorporating a good meal and some hearty banter!) In the evening, Noah's Grandpa kindly offered to babysit for us so that we could go and have a meal with Eddy's sister and her husband. This turned out to be a perfect end to the day as we enjoyed a beautiful meal followed by several rounds of Monopoly.
Chattering with the people you love is great balm for the soul and just being in each others company with a good board game can relax just about anyone! 

Even though the future is never certain in life, knowing we have the present is such a gift! For when hurdles come along we can choose to turn to God and to each other for support. I guess this is what family is all about?!

Just trying to 'keep it real'
Love Bunty


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