Milk & Cookies

I love taking something really simple and making it a bit special. After Noah's afternoon nap today we made our own take on milk & cookies using party rings and some pretty straws. They just look so cute and would make a perfect refreshment at a birthday party, wedding reception or any event really! 
Or, if you're just feeling a little adventurous, you can come up with your own ideas for 'break time' in your own home.

I've spotted lots of variations of this on Pinterest, from mini donuts to lemonades! The choices are endless, but I thought Noah would particularly appreciate the large glass of milk. He especially loves practicing sucking milk, or any drink from a straw. I think he is quite fascinated by the whole thing!

I just love cheap and simple fun for the whole family! 
Time to get dunckin' our party rings!

Love Bunty


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