Missing Daddy

Today has been a bit of a strange one for us. Firstly, Eddy is leaving for the weekend on a special job and although this brings much excitement because he gets to see some close friends, it's also a bit sad because Noah and I hate it when he has to go away. Even though it's part of life, I still feel upset when we are apart because he is my best friend and his support always gets me through the day. Sometimes I just don't know how I would cope when he is not around!
So this morning I rang up my mum to see if anyone fancied keeping Noah and me company this weekend and ( like the saint she is) she decided to hop in the car and drive straight down to Portsmouth to pick Noah and I up and to take us home for the weekend. It's a real treat actually because there's always a lot of hands to help with Noah at home which gives me a bit of a break! And not having the full responsibility of keeping up with the house chores for a few days makes it feel like a holiday! 
I feel really cheered up sitting next to my mum whilst being driven home...and a little spoiled! It made me think that you never really stop being a parent, even when your own have grown and flown the nest! Now I have a few relaxing days to spend with my family whilst anticipating Eddy's return on Sunday! 


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