Mumma's new handbag!

One of my anniversary treats was a bit of a spree in Zara and, after a long time trying to find the right one, I found a handbag that ticked all the boxes for me. This one is a lovely pale pink handbag, which also has a shoulder strap. I really wanted one with a shoulder strap because it's just so much easier to have a bag physically on my person when I'm out and about with Noah. Constantly reaching down to dig around the bottom of the pram for my purse is just not practical anymore and, considering the amount of stuff we have to take with us these days (food, books, milk, water...etc) saving space underneath the pram has become a bit more necessary!

Anyway, I love this bag because it has nicely organised areas and pockets so I know I won't be rooting around for my phone or keys anymore. The plan is( crazy, I know) that I will actually know where to locate my stuff exactly when I need to reach for it!

Happy Tuesday!
Love Bunty


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