New beginnings

It's always a wonderful occasion when new life comes into the world. This week has been a real joy for my family as we anticipated the arrival of our new niece. My older sister gave birth to her second baby on Sunday and since hearing the news, we have all been completely made up! It's amazing how good news travels and effects people: suddenly a mundane Monday becomes an incredibly exciting day that won't be forgotten. 
Today Eddy, Noah and myself are travelling back down from Lincoln to meet the new, smallest addition to the family and we couldn't be more excited! It's a wonderful time for the family when we gather to greet a newborn, so completely dependent upon her parents for everything. I remember the feeling with Noah, this utter pride and 
deep humility that came from recognising your soul 
responsibility for this helpless little life. It's quite amazing and surreal at the same time! We just thank God for this little life who is changing the world already!

Anyway, we need to get our things together and get on the road! It's going to be a long, exciting journey!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Love Bunty


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