Paris Grey...

I finally got my hands on some of Annie Sloans Paris Grey today! I have been wanting a pot of this for ages and so whilst in town this morning I popped along to Source For The Goose and had a good old look at the colours there. My sister-in-law has also recommended Sloan's 'Antoinette' over at her blog Brickdust and Glitter, it looked to be a gorgeous soft pink, judging by her beautiful newly painted dining chair. I simply had to get on that bandwagon! Haha! I initially went for a couple of tester pots firstly to see what the colours were like. 

I then had a quick look in the antiques store to see if there were any pieces of furniture I coud 'rescue', but sadly couldnt find anything that would fit in our car to take home. After getting home to my parents, I had another raid of their garage and came accross an old pine blanket box...this was perfect! 

I was itching to try my new paints and so Mum kindly let me have it. It needed a bit of fixing up before I began as the inside was mouldy and some of the screws had completely worn away. Thanfully I was able to fix it up into pretty good shape before painting. I decided to save 'Antoinette' this time and go straight in with 'Paris Grey.' This was everything I imagined it would be: a soft delicate grey with an ever so slight bluey haze to it. (I'm seriously considering painting my kitchen dresser this colour when we get home!)
Alas, after painting one side, my little tester pot ran out and so I had to go back and get the full sized pot. It's a good job I did though as I can see all sorts of Paris Grey painting happening over the next few weeks!

Love Bunty


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