Picnics and babies

Yesterday morning was another beauty of a day, so those of us at home decided to have a picnic in the garden. Noah's cousins had come over to play and so the three tots had a lot of fun with each other and their aunties and uncles. It was nice to be able to sit outside in the sun and enjoy the breeze sweeping across the garden. We played a few garden games together and enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea later in the day. It was a lovely treat for us to make such fun out of a Monday lunch and I think the babies enjoyed it too, Noah was certainly ready for his bed at 7pm, when he could barely keep his eyes open!
Alas, our picnicking came to an end when the ominous clouds rolled in and the wind picked up with a coolness to it. We all trooped inside to continue the playing before putting Noah down for his nap. 

Noah's Grandma was sitting outside at one point declaring 'this is the life!' And I thought to myself 'how true!?' How lucky are we to have family and be able to do these things together, making fun out of the simple things in life! 

Bring on the strawberries and cream!

Love Bunty

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