Preserving wedding flowers


 Two years after our wedding, my bouquet and centrepiece for our top table have both (thankfully) preserved beautifully! Unlike the tradition of 'throwing the bouquet', I couldn't bear to part with mine so soon and so I took it home after our wedding, along with our heart wreath where I preserved them.

By hanging my bouquet upside down, the flowers have dried but remained perfectly intact. Obviously, the overall size has shrunken with the drying of the flowers, but it still stands today, an impressive reminder of a wonderful day.
I currently keep my bouquet hanging upside down at the side of my kitchen dresser and my hope is that it will remain intact for years to come! 
My heart wreath is much more delicate as with every movement there is fall away of dried petals now, but it currently sits in front of our display mirror quite happily and still looks so lovely.

(Eddy's corsage also preserved!)

I think it's a lovely thing to be able to preserve your wedding flowers. They are a constant reminder of our wedding day and a very real one too! Ours have aged beautifully so they don't just look like a bunch of dead flowers, I think they look really charming, especially in the autumn as the richness of their colours seem to really catch my eye. But then, I am somewhat biased after all!


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