Reading with your baby

The Usborne 'touchy feely' books are a brilliant collection for babies to start out getting to grips with reading. Noah has several of these and he really enjoys the bright colours and different textures each page offers. As a way to introduce books and early reading to young children, these are very engaging. Although they don't offer a story as such, the repetition of themes and phrases make it easy to catch on and remember. Noah loves turning the pages over back and forth and you can tell he is really concentrating on everything he sees, trying to make sense of it and understand it. 
They're great also for when we are out and about, as they are small enough to slot inside a handbag and you can rely on them to cheer up a sad face when necessary. Obviously, Noah is nowhere near being able to read to himself yet, but having a good basis for reading before reaching school age can be a real help for when the time comes.

 I remember as a young child, my parents set us pieces of 'homework' to do before we started primary school and then throughout our primary schooling. These included spelling tests and reading books together and although I didn't always like it, practising these really helped me to get a good grasp on English language and reading and was of huge benefit when I did start school. I don't think we should ever underestimate the importance of reading to and with our little ones. It becomes a foundation for education and the ability to self- study.
 I'm looking forward to getting through many more books with my little Noah!


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