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Hello everyone! I thought it would be fun to show you my simple summer makeup routine today. As the weather has been considerably hotter over the last few weeks, I haven't felt like wearing a lot on my face and as we prepare to go on holiday this weekend, I know I won't be wanting to pack much makeup for our time away either! I've simply used a few key products to create a natural look which isn't going to melt off my face in the heat of the sun.(Never a desirable look!) haha! 

Okay, so this is my bare face! How I debated showing you this....but, in the spirit of honesty, there you go!

After moisturising, I use Mac's Prep and Prime skin illuminater. This is a light fluid which just adds a subtle glow to the skin whilst creating a base for further makeup.

Next up is my concealer from Benefit. This is their boiing, in the shade 01. I use this under my eyes, around my nose and on any imperfections on my face, ie breakout or redness. This works so well to create a flawless base and cover the harshest of breakouts!

Then I apply a little bit of Bobbi Browns foundation stick, in the shade 2, sand. I love this because you can use as little or as much as you want to. You can really build a fuller coverage look, or just lightly blend it to create a natural, 'invisible' look. I used only a small amount and blended it in with my real techniques expert face brush.

Ooh, sorry about the camera glare here! I next used a hint of blush from The Body shop. I'm not sure what the colour is called, but it is a lovely pigmented summery pink which has always worked well on my skin. I dabbed a small amount onto my cheeks using my big fluffy Body Shop brush.

Then I decided to use a hint of highlighter. This one was so cheap, it's from Seventeen at Boots and is called the Instant Glow shimmer brick. I purchased the lightest shade and sometimes use it to highlight the tops of my cheeks, making a 'c' shape round to above my eyebrows. This creates a light sun kissed glow which looks really pretty in the sun!

Then I applied a small amount of Urban Decays Eyeshade Primer Potion. I use their original formula, although they have a few different gorgeous ones you can test out! This always promises to hold any eye makeup in place all day...no blotting, no re-applying, no melting! This stuff is brilliant!

Then, just for a touch of eyeshadow today, I swept Bourjois' champagne coloured shadow, in the shade 08, under my browbone and in the corners of my eyes. This little trick always appears to lighten the eye area and make you look very fresh faced with a healthy glow.

To finish my eyes I apply a couple of layers of mascara. Today I am testing out one sent to me, this is Rimmels scandaleyes retro glam. Although the brush has a bit of a funny shape, I quite like this one so far!

For a pop of colour on my lips, I chose an all time summer favourite. I'm wearing Sleek's Coral Reef which is literally a lovely bright coral colour...take me to Hawaii!

And that's about it! I don't have long to get ready in the morning, so this routine is great because it only takes about 5 minutes to complete-which suits me down to the ground!
Love Bunty


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