Weekend in london

This weekend Eddy, Noah and myself trecked it up to the 'big smoke' to have some time away together. It also happened to be our anniversary weekend so it made a great excuse to spend some quality time with each other. We don't often get away as just the three of us, so it was a real treat to be able to do something a little bit different. 

We decided to stay at a lovely hotel, Grange City, whose staff took such great care of us from the moment we arrived. Even as we were leaving today, Eddy and I both commented on what a pleasure our stay was and how well cared for we were. So if you are looking for a little escape with that homely vibe, I can't speak more highly of this place! 
We spent a lot of time simply wandering the streets, taking in new and old architecture and learning a bit more about the historical side of different landmarks. As we happened to be staying right next to the London Tower, we spent a good while checking out the surroundings and enjoyed our first morning exploring the area there. 

Obviously, it goes without saying London is a world Capital for shopping, but I really felt we could 'shop' anytime we wanted to at home, and so although we spent a couple of hours perusing Harrods and enjoying some of the goods Oxford street had to offer, we really focused our visit on just hanging out together and taking a break from our usual routine.

Sitting on the train home now, I feel really thankful for such a blissful break! Noah was so well behaved and content the whole time away from home. It is always going to be slightly 'touch and go' when travelling with a toddler, but he really impressed us both with his ability to cope with a whole new environment and, not least, the vast amount of people everywhere! 

We have plenty of photos to share with you all to let you see some of the things we have been doing over the last few days....

(Noah's excitement at our Tapas lunch)

An array of the most beautiful Persian rugs in Harrods...*sighs*

Hope you enjoyed some of our London adventure!
Love Bunty


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