16 weeks pregnant!

Hello everyone! It feels like it has been forever since posting on here! We have had another amazing week away at the big Youth 2000 Walsingham retreat (more on that soon!) but we are home now and I cannot believe I am now 16 weeks pregnant! Sorry I have skipped out on week 15, I didn't even come close to documenting it as we have been so busy last week, so i'll roll these last two weeks together!

How far along? I'm 16 weeks today, I know I keep saying it, but I still can't get over how fast this pregnancy seems to be going. It's disappearing!

Total weight gain/measurements: I weighed myself this morning and since the start of this pregnancy I have gained about 8lbs in total which is pretty consistent with the 'recommended average' weight gain this far into my second trimester now, so I'm happy with that.  As for measurements, my belly is rounding off more so I did measure it this week. After Noah, my measurements were waist: 26", tummy: 32", hips: 36". Now i'm definitely growing, especially in my tummy region, my waist is 27", tummy: 34", hips: 37". I feel like I'm growing quite quickly at the moment so I need to keep lathering on the bio oil to help my skins elasticity and hopefully avoid stretch marks!

Maternity clothes: I'm still wearing a lot of non-maternity clothes like my low-rise skinny jeans as they finish under my bump so they are still quite comfy to wear. But I have been also wearing maternity jeans too. I'm finding jeans are getting a bit uncomfortable at the end of the day and tend to dig into my belly a bit too much, so i've been loving wearing my comfy pj's in the evenings! 

Stretch marks: No new ones, but Im aware that I'm expanding now so it's time to really think about getting plenty of moisture and oil into the skin around those areas, especially my tummy!

Sleep: Again, for the past couple of weeks we have been away camping, so sleep has been a little out of routine for all of us. I've found my old friend heartburn creeping back into the evenings a little bit. Normally as I lie down to sleep I notice that familiar burning sensation. I used to get heartburn a lot when I was pregnant with Noah and it got a lot worse as the pregnancy progressed, but thankfully a couple of Rennies really help it go away!

Best moment this week: Being at our youth 2000 retreat was really special for us all and having all our families together was wonderful!

Miss anything? Not really, i'm so glad to be back in my own bed though!

Movement? I'm not sure! I have had a couple of ripple like sensations which were exactly like the first movements I had with Noah. However, it's very hard at the beginning to know the difference between baby movement and food digestion!  They say you feel movement sooner with subsequent pregnancies and with Noah I was definitely feeling movement at 17 weeks, so it's very likely that i'll be feeling movement this week and into next! I can't tell you how exciting this part of pregnancy is when you get to learn about your baby's own sleep/wake patterns and stimulate their movement with a few gentle prods. I find this part of pregnancy really helps you to bond and realise that this pregnancy is for real! 

Food cravings? Nothing in particular, but I have a larger appetite for sure!

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? This week I have felt really queasy when brushing my teeth. I don't know why it's been such a problem because it never normally is! But yeah, it has grossed me out every time!

Gender: Still don't know, but we will hopefully find out at our 20 week scan. Can't wait to find out whether we will be having a little girl or boy. 

Labour signs: Nope!

Symptoms: A lot of round ligament pain recently, especially when getting up from lying down or making jerky movements. These are sharp pains you get in your tummy as your uterus expands and sometimes if you move too fast you can strain the muscles a bit which is uncomfortable but nothing majorly bad.

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time? I've felt really challenged this week for different reasons. Because Eddy has been so busy working at the Y2K retreat, i've found it truly exhausting looking after Noah one on one for most of the time. I think that has had quite an impact on my mood but it is so nice to finally be home and able to relax now!

Looking forward to? A warm bubbly bath tonight and getting some new bits and pieces for Noah! (More on that soon!)

So that is everything for this week! What a crazy one it has been! But i'm delighted that so far everything seems to be going really well with this pregnancy and we are very blessed to be planning this next addition to our little family!

Love Bunty


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