Baby beach essentials

Taking a one year old off for a beach holiday required a lot more 'planning' than I first anticipated it would. Because we were camping, my main priority was to try and be prepared for all eventualities: be it rainy, sunny, windy, and knowing regardless there would be lots and lots of sand everywhere! 
As I was trying to clear the sand from our car before we left for home on Saturday, I realised there are some things ( namely, sand) you just can't beat! But I compiled a list of essentials which have definitely made our holiday easier, more practical and more enjoyable for Noah.

Sunscreen factor 50: This is an absolute requirement for babies, even if it doesn't seem particularly hot, UV rays are very harmful to sensitive skin and nobody wants to see their baby burn in the sun! Thankfully, this has protected Noah's skin well all week, with only a couple of applications needed per day, it really has done its job well!

Sun hat: Obviously this is again really important to keep the sun out of Noah's face and it also protects his neck from getting burnt too.

Water: Keeping the fluids going during an active day helps keep everyone feeling refreshed and well.

Snacks: Be they for bargaining, buying time between meals, or just as a treat, snacks are always helpful to have around a young baby. Noah particularly likes his fruit and quaver crisps!

Wetsuit: Is it just me, or do babies have super thick skin and don't feel the cold? Even without his wetsuit on, Noah was happy to sit tummy- deep in a rock pool! Nevertheless, he enjoyed wearing his wetsuit and it seemed to keep him warm and content whilst splashing around.

Wet costume: Noah wore this under his wetsuit as a bit of a rash vest. Apart from looking super cute it kept the sun off his body and on those windier days, it kept him nice and cosy too.

Lazy jacks towel: We picked this up in a Cornwall as I couldn't get hold of one before our holiday. These hooded poncho towels are brilliant for drying off a little one after being in the sea. They are really practical too so you don't have to worry about having a wriggler in your hands. Noah was quite happy to just sit with his towel on and air dry most of the time.

Warm clothes: Perfect for slipping into after the day at the beach. Just as the temperature started to drop, we were all thankful for having some warm jogger bottoms and jumpers to slip on!

Waterproof jacket: Ideal for the changeable Cornish weather! Noah's is from Asda, it's lightweight which makes it really practical to fold up when not in use. Having it on hand was ever so helpful when the clouds rolled in and the heavens poured down!

Toys: What child doesn't love buckets and spades on the beach? Hours of fun can be had with the simplest toys!

So that is my list of beach essentials for my one year old baby. I'd love to hear your thoughts and own lists mamas out there!

Love Bunty


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