Camping essentials

To make our camping experience a little more comfortable this year, given that we are camping with Noah for the first time too, we have decided to purchase a few things to help make things a bit easier for us. Camping is so much fun, regardless of how hardcore a camper you are, or how many 'bells and whistles' your camping set up has. We are just excited to begin our own family collection of camping kit so that, hopefully, we will be able to go camping more often! 
I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I really really love camping. I love being outside, hearing the rain pitter patter down the side of the tent whilst your snuggled inside with a warm cup of cocoa. I love the sounds you get to hear at night time and the cosiness of blankets wrapped around you on a chilly evening.

Camping has a way of stripping back unnecessary luxuries and making you more in touch with a simpler way of living. For a makeup obsessive like me, it probably doesn't sound believable, but I honestly love our weeks in Cornwall where we have salty skin and hair, no makeup on but just the sun kissed glow from the hours in the sea. This to me is heavenly! And I'm so excited now that Noah is old enough to enjoy it this year too. I can't wait to get down to Polzeath and buy him his first bucket and spade to build sandcastles with!

Before I digress too much, these are some of the camping accessories we will be taking with us to Cornwall....

Lanterns, torches and lights!

Water holder- will definitely come in handy!

Enamel plates and bowls and some cutlery...a must.

Some mugs and a handy bowl and our air beds too...couldn't be without them!

I can't wait to use some of these bits and bobs now! 
Hopefully we will be happy campers to say the least!

Love Bunty

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