Cosy pyjama cuddles

After bath time this evening we were all feeling like crashing into bed! We popped Noah's new pyjamas on, readied his milk and chose his story book to read with him. He has done so well being away from home for most of August now, so I think he really enjoyed some familiar downtime with Daddy on the sofa. 

Noah normally doesn't let us read his books to him in his cot because if we are around he will tend to protest that it's bedtime. So being able to have a story all snuggled up on the sofa is a good way of getting around the bedtime troubles that can arise! We've all had a bit of a chilled out day, I've been tackling the mammoth unpack/laundry, whilst Eddy has been doing a bit of work from home and Noah has been getting some serious playtime in! I found myself repeatedly telling Eddy how much I have enjoyed having him around today and what a lovely day it has been just hanging at home.


I hope you're all having a pleasant evening,
Love Bunty


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