Expecting mama's spa night in!

This evening, after putting Noah down to bed, I decided to have a bit of a homemade spa evening. It has been a busy day of getting through household chores and we have all been feeling quite tired from our busy month. So I lit the candles, started the bath running, picked out my favourite and most comfy nightie and took some time out to pamper myself from the comfort of my own home!

After bathing, I used my favourite bio-oil and Palmers tummy butter as part of my pregnancy skin routine. These not only smell amazing, but they really seem to help with scarring/ stretch marks. I also found Palmers to be an amazing brand for soothing that itchy sensation that comes with an expanding tummy! 

Our little munchkin Noah brings me so much joy, but I think that being pregnant as well as taking care of him I'm noticing how tired I feel in the evenings. Being able to have some quiet time to myself  after his bedtime is a real treat! 

Tell tale sign of a family bath- complete with bath time toys! It's always the simple things!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you how I like to wind down in the evenings when I'm feeling especially self indulgent! Haha! 
I hope you are all having a relaxing evening!

Love Bunty

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