Garden Croquet

One activity we have all really enjoyed over the last few days has been croquet in the garden. It's made a great opportunity for us to come together, regardless of age or natural talent, and just enjoy playing in each other's company. 
I use to consider croquet as a dainty game for ladies of a bygone age, but it has brought out so much competition between us all and has filled the garden with hearty amounts of cheering, teasing and laughter! I'm definitely looking forward to getting some more practice in this week and perhaps winning a few more rounds too! 
Croquet is such a great game for families. It's easy to play and to make your own rules as you go. In our case, the boys created this obstical course, modelled on the fun of crazy golf, and have created a pitch which really does take some work to get round! But it's been lovely to see everyone having a good go at it and competing for the winning title!

Here's a few photos of some of our team!


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