Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig!

Eddy, Noah and I made it home tonight from our wonderful week in Dorset with my family. As I said in my previous blog, it has been a lovely week with the family, chilling out in the most beautiful surroundings with some of the most beautiful people!
We really have had a great week's break and, as we sleepily made it through our front door and tucked little Noah into bed, I took one look at the mountain of luggage and thought to myself...tomorrow!
Normally I would wait up and unpack everything, but I think we are all a little bit too exhausted and so, apart from this mini blog post, I think we are going to chill out and get a nice early (ish) night in! 

I wanted to mention one thing that has made my packing and organisation really easy this week, that has been a new roll up cosmetic/wash bag. Predictably, this is another Cath Kidston piece, but I must admit I did pick it up in a recent sale! My sisters and my mum all have different CK wash bags and I think it's really cute when we all go somewhere together that we get our matching bathroom bags out. They're just so girly and fun! I know these have been around for a long time, but I was pretty excited about mine and thought it deserved a little mention...

 What I love about it is that it has neat little compartments so that you can divide your items up so they are not just a heap of confused lotions and potions when you come to use them. I have divided mine into a family teeth brushing section, a face section, a hair section and then, at the bottom there is a handy zipped pocket for additional items. The whole thing rolls up into a neat and compact travel bag and, one you arrive at your destination, the handy hook at the top allows you to hang it up anywhere. This will be ideal for our camping holiday next week as I could hang it in our tent and know exactly where to reach for what I want! Perfect!

Love Bunty


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