Honeymoon revisited

This evening, whilst searching high and low for a memory card for my camera, I came across one eventually, tucked away in storage and took it to the computer to see how full it was. Little did I know it would hold loads of our honeymoon photos that I had completely forgotten about! 

Looking through these photos has brought back some of the best memories I have! We had an absolute blast in Italy and I will always remember those special early days as newlyweds. 
I decided to share a few, cheese an' all with you guys. These are really special to me and will always be a reminder of how wonderful it is to be young. I hope we can still look through these albums when we are old and grey and remember the glory days of our early twenties!
...Speaking of early... I CANNOT believe how young we both look! It's only been two years and I swear i've aged about five! I'll put that down to parenthood! Haha!

On our final evening in Venice, just before we headed home, we took a romantic Gondola boat ride around the city. I'm telling you now, it's the way to travel! It was really fun to sit back and look at all the beautiful buildings and views of people bustling about in the evening sunshine... Take me back!

I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into part of our honeymoon. Venice is just stunning, if you ever fancy visiting a new city with so much beauty to explore, do as the Venetians do and hop aboard a Gondala boat, you will not be disappointed!

Love Bunty


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