Inspired by words

A few years ago I felt inspired to make wooden hanging signs for the home with various uplifting quotes on them. One that particularly touched me was this one...

I ended up making one for my dad for Father's Day and one for my inlaws too. It really made me think of the importance of parenthood at the time and how grateful and lucky I was to be brought up in such a stable home.
Now, as a mother, I take great comfort from these words and I know my husband does his utmost to live them day by day. From my own experience and that of growing up in a busy household, I really believe that children thrive off stability in the relationships around them and most especially between their parents. 
I know nobody is perfect and the last thing I want to do is paint a 'picture perfect' life on this blog, one that doesn't exist for anyone, my friends! Mistakes are made and reconciliation is a big and crucial part of my day to day life. I just felt compelled to share this, to whoever is reading my blog now. Perhaps as a parent? A newlywed? An expectant mother or father? Or just a curious new reader whose attention I managed to catch!- (Welcome!) We can teach our children so much more than we are aware of at the time, by simply loving each other authentically. 
I can speak for myself and for my son when his sweet little face always lights up seeing his daddy hug me, or hold my hand. Noah is always compelled to want to join in any hugs or cuddles that are in his line of vision. It's a lovely reminder of our marital vows too and our mission as parents.

What a gift!

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