July favourites

Just before we head off on our hols today, I wanted to share a few of the products I have been loving last month. Some are repeat favourites that I find myself going back to, but I have also discovered a couple of new things that have got me rather excited for the coming months! Without further ado, let me delve in and show you....

My first new item is a makeup product. This is Sleek's blush in the beautiful shade 'life's a peach'. It's quite a bold colour choice as it really is a bright coral/ peach colour. But oh-my-goodness this is so pretty! It's the perfect summer colour for your cheeks. I like to dab on just a hint in the morning and I find it lasts through the day pretty well. I just love this, the packaging is durable and the handy mirror  makes it so easy to use if you're on the go! 

Next up is Sanctuary Spa's 5 minute thermal detox mask. Now, I always pick a few of these up when I pass them in Boots. They're pretty cheap, I think about £3 a sachet and, as a stay at home facial every so often, these are so lovely to use! I particularly like that this is a warming treatment, it really feels like my face is getting the 'full works' when I use these masks. Easy, affordable and a little piece of relaxation heaven right from your own couch! What's not to love?!

Here's a repeat favourite if ever I saw one! I recently posted about this self tan lotion by Dove, so I won't go overboard on the details here. I'll just say that I LOVE this! The smell, the consistency and the fast drying overall makes this a pleasure to use. I really like the colour of the tan too, it's not too orange or dark on me so I feel it looks more natural. I do always purchase the medium- dark skin bottles as I find the tan just develops faster in one go, therefore less applications are necessary on me. That's just my personal opinion though. If, like me, you are very fair naturally, you might want to try out the light skin bottle first. 

Next is a new product I have been testing out this week. I really like La Roche-Posay skincare and I was after a gentle paraben- free facial wash so I decided to give this one a go. This is their purifying foaming gel. Now, when I got home after purchasing this, I realised this particular tube is directed at oily/ sensitive skin which is not my skin type. However, it hasn't really mattered in the slightest as this is so gentle on my skin anyway! It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry, just soft, nourished and very happy! I really like this gel and, although not the cheapest facial wash out there, you do get loads in the tube! It's 200mls and you only need a small amount per use...this should last a good while I hope!

Finally, I know I have shown you my real techniques expert face brush, but since buying and LOVING this one, I have also purchased their powder brush too. These are so so lovely, I can't stop raving about them! They are very soft, very delicate on the skin and they also wash and dry very well too. I'm actually loving these more than my Body Shop set at the moment! They are available to purchase in more drugstores, I got mine in Boots, but Superdrug and, ( correct me if I'm wrong) I think most superstores sell them as well! 

Okay, I think that's everything covered for this month's favourites! Not a huge haul, but I have been saving my pennies for our upcoming holidays! 

Happy first of August everyone!(How are we in August already!?)

Love Bunty


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