Noah's best holiday moment

Thinking back over the last week there have been lots of special moments and memories that I will remember. I was especially impressed with how well Noah coped with a new environment. Day one, he was quite hesitant about the sand covering his toes on the beach. He didn't like it at all at first, but soon got use to it and even enjoyed playing with his bucket and spades. 

At Watergate bay there are a group of rocks where, when the tide is out, reveal some excellent rock pools for little ones to splash around in. We took Noah down with a bodyboard and, suited up in his new wetsuit, he had a ball being pushed around the pools of a water. The different pools all connected with each other via streams of water and so it was easy to manoeuvre him about on the bodyboard riding between each one. 

It was a lot of fun to watch him and so entertaining to see him really go for it. He splashed his way through the pools sending water flying in every direction with a massive grin on his face! It's definitely one of my favourite memories of this summer just to see the simple fun that can be had from a rock pool!

Love Bunty 


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