Pink in the afternoon

Yesterday, I had a little shuffle of my makeup collection. I just wanted to create a bit more order to be honest. I keep finding that when I store makeup out of sight, I forget it exists and end up not using it, which is a shame because I hate letting things go to waste! I've decided I'm going to purchase some of the muji acrylic storage boxes to hold my makeup. Because they are transparent, you can see exactly what you have and therefore, make better use of different products. (Post on that to follow!)

For now, I have decided to pop my lipsticks in a glass box that was just sitting on my chest of drawers, waiting for a purpose! My lipstick collections isn't huge, but I do love all the colours (which are mainly pink!) and I've always thought it's nice to choose a lipstick as 'finishing touch' to getting ready in the morning. 

I have discovered a new favourite which is Revlon's Creme Pink in the Afternoon. This is such a pretty pink and, although, arguably I don't need any more lippies, I picked this one up the other day after it caught my eye in Boots. It is just a touch darker than I normally wear, but still summery and fresh, and while I am still clinging on to the end of summer, I think I will enjoy wearing this!

I hope you're all enjoying this last weekend of August!
Love Bunty


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