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Since arriving home, Eddy and I have both commented on how the weather has seemed to completely turn on us. There is a definite feel of autumn to the cool breezes and cloudy skies. Personally I love this time of year when you start layering up a little more and the thought of hot chocolate by a warm open fire seems more and more appealing. I love seeing the colours of trees turning golden and red and I love being able to snuggle up under my duvet, watching the ships go by beyond the harbour. 
Cosy is a word that definitely summarises my wardrobe choices at this time of year. I love digging through my old clothes from last winter and seeing what outfits I can put together using them! 

Being heavily pregnant during the winter is going to be a whole new experience for me this year. Last time I was pregnant through the spring and into summer and so it was really easy to throw on light dresses with sandals and not think too much about it. I think my need for comfort, coupled with a need for warmth this time around is going to have a different impact on my dress style during this pregnancy. 

With maternity clothes on my mind a lot at the moment, I have been looking at a couple of my favourite shops and seeing what they have to offer. I went to Topshop's maternity department first and there were some pieces that really stuck out to me. I love the darker autumnal colours that come out in the shops at this time of year, particularly the burgundy's, navy's and mustard hues. I think i'll end up layering dresses with dark tights and cosy jumpers over the top. Heeled ankle boots always look really nice with this look! I love my skinny jeans but you do reach a point in pregnancy where tight jeans are such a bother to wear, so I will probably lean heavily on the dresses and tights option! 

Above, all from Topshop's maternity dept: Ladder stitch dress, £55, Leggings, £15, Long sleeve crepe top, £16, Stripe raglan tee, £16

I also had a look at River Island's new collection and sure as anything they have started bringing out those rich autumn colours that I adore! Although RI don't have a maternity department, I always find you can make their clothes work for a maternity look pretty easily, especially whilst the bump is still small in the grand scheme of things! Last time around I remember buying some loose swing dresses in a size up and these worked really well to accommodate my growing tummy. 

Above, all River Island: Cream check relaxed blazer, £60, Yellow floral swing dress, £35, Cream floral swing dress, £38, Light floral print shirt, £38

I'll show you some more maternity style ideas, as and when I feel inspired! It's fun reeling through what the shops have on offer because I find that more often than not, you can recreate these looks from your own wardrobe without having to spend a penny! That said, i'll be the first to admit i'm a total sucker for shopping! Haha!

Happy thursday guys!
Love Bunty


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