Youth 2000

For the last week, we have joined 1000 young people from all over the country to gather at Walsingham for a prayer festival. This is something our family has been going to every year for 14 years now and it is firmly routed in all our diaries as the unquestionable August Bank holiday event.

I owe a lot to Youth 2000, where I met my husband, Eddy and many other inspiring young Catholics. This year's festival was particularly exciting as we celebrated 25 years of Youth 2000 as an organisation. Youth 2000, as a charity and as a mission, seeks to bring young people into the heart of the Catholic Church and to a personal encounter with Christ. Many lives have been transformed though these retreats and festivals and many vocations have been discovered also. It is a great testament to the goodness of God and his desire to meet us where we are and transform our hearts.

I could really go on as I have had so many privileged experiences from my years associated with Youth 2000. For us, this week has been a wonderful opportunity to tune into our faith and meet and spend time with other like-minded young people. 
It has brought its own challenges too, as my husband Eddy takes a lead role with the music ministry and graphic design and so he has been running round like a headless chicken all week! I always think part of the miracle of this particular retreat is that it manages to bring both of our families together in one field! These days that is no easy accomplishment for our expanding broods! But seeing everyone we know and love together really was a highlight for me personally.

I could go on for ages but I wanted to keep this post simple. Youth 2000 is very dear to my heart and that of my husband's too. You can find out more about their work and mission here.

Love Bunty


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