Gym confidence

I've really regained confidence using the gym in a safe and appropriate way whilst pregnant through attending my pre-natal fitness classes. My instructor has been so supportive and helpful and, as a result, I now feel I can have a good and worthwhile workout without worrying about which types of equipment I should be avoiding. 
I also think half the battle with exercise is ensuring you feel as comfortable as possible. In my experience, this goes a long way in helping you to have a successful workout! I know that after wearing boring tee shirts and ancient cheap leggings for a LONG time, I've found myself hankering for something a little more cut out for being at a gym.
 As we have some local outlets, Eddy treated me to some 'proper' gym clothes to both accommodate my growing bump and offer as much support as possible. I wanted an outfit that would keep everything in place while I'm moving about, but which would also protect my modesty. I also desperately wanted to avoid that 'frumpy mum on the run' look which I seem to have gotten down to a fine art as of late! Lol! 
Anyway, this certainly didn't break the bank as I managed to find a few brilliant sale items which seemed a double bargain as they were all outlet clothes to begin with! 

My leggings and vest are both from Nike and my crop top is from Addidas. As they are all outlet pieces, I'm not sure if they would be currently available to buy, but there are plenty of similar pieces in the shops about. I think i'll probably head down to Primark or H&M too as they both have their own gym clothing lines which are both very budget friendly. 

I hope you've all had a lovely day today, bring on October!
Love Bunty


What a lovely morning

We've been having some serious fun this morning and Noah's auntie has been happily snapping away lots of photos for us to remember these few days by. We had a great time shopping after which we all stopped for a coffee break where there was some serious chocolate cake involved! 
Noah has been so full of excitement just being able to play with his auntie and uncle- it's only now because he is flat out asleep with exhaustion, that he has stopped buzzing around at top speed everywhere.
 I thought it would be nice to share some photos with you all...

I hope you enjoyed a little look at our morning....
more to follow!

Love Bunty


Family catch up

For the next few days we have Eddy's Mum and two youngest siblings visiting us which is really lovely because Noah always gets so excited when Grandma is around. After their excited arrival yesterday, Noah woke up bright and early this morning to check they were still here and crept straight into their room to wake them up. It's so lovely that he really remembers family members that he doesn't get to see everyday and it's just nice for us as a family to have some time together too.
So, today we have lots of fun things lined up and hopefully we have some nice things to share on the blog too...

Happy Tuesday all!
Love Bunty


Sunday afternoon beachside

This afternoon we took a breezy walk down to Southsea where we met a friend for lunch at this gorgeous beachside cafe. It was such a beautiful day and so nice to munch down delicious food right next to the lapping waves. Noah enjoyed watching the boats going by and the 'birdie friends' that were flying about, but sadly his attention span didn't last too long so we had to forgo the tempting dessert menu and continue on our walk! 
It was just such a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, in great company as well as getting some hearty exercise in. I think in total we must have walked a good five miles so i'm happy to use that as my gym excuse tonight! Bring on Downton Abbey!

My food was amazing too! Hannah and I both ordered fishcakes and they were just beautiful! 

I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday afternoon-we're all rather exhausted now!

Love Bunty

Easy on a Sunday?...well, that's what they say anyway!

Hello everyone! Well we have had a very busy night with a particular little man who didn't want to sleep...and was intent on letting everyone know about it! This morning we all woke up a little groggier than usual! Straight to the kettle to make some morning coffee and the world is seeming a lot brighter now! 

(As if butter wouldn't melt! This chappy wanted to be in all the photos!)

Obviously, today is Sunday so we are having a bit of a slow morning as we gradually get everyone ready for church later. We love walking to Mass which is about a mile away and when the weather is so beautiful there really is no excuse to drive! However, I have been finding by the time I get there I am so overheated and end up feeling faint pretty much on a weekly basis now. Coupling that situation with a very noisy Noah in church means that by now, Im pretty sure everybody knows who the Mortons are, whether or not we've been introduced! 
I've been trying to be a little more prepared recently, packing an 'emergency' snack bag for mummy, bottled water, toys for Noah, sippy cups and a whole array of other extras which make a whole difference to our church experience as a family. 
Another thing i'm aware of is not layering too much and getting unnecessarily hot. So, for example, today I am wearing a simple grey vest top with my skinny jeans and a light jacket to cover myself in church. It's not rocket science, but I guess i've been giving it a little more thought than usual as there is nothing worse than feeling boiling hot and not being able to do much about it!


My bracelet is one I bought from a street seller on our holiday in Cornwall this year. 

I did a 'quick fix' on my hair today by plaiting down one side and throwing it into a messy pony. I use Batiste dry shampoo XXL to give it extra volume and it also holds it in place pretty well.

 That pretty much amounts to our morning so far! We do have a lovely day planned ahead: lunch with a good friend and a girly evening of Downton Abbey at Chez Moi! 

I hope you all have a great Sunday too!
Love Bunty



Crazy for Copper

I've been enjoying seeing how popular copper seems to be this season with regards to home appliances, accessories and decor. I love the use of metal in the home and there is something so warm and chic about copper as a colour. I know i'm definitely a magpie about home accessories- anything shiny or light reflecting will grab my attention from the word go!
 All too often metal can create quite a heavy 'industrial' look which I'm certainly not against, but I just prefer a more delicate approach and copper seems to bridge that gap as a beautiful, yet versatile material which can find so many helpful uses in the home. It's functional yet pretty and eye-catching- a total winner in my books.
 I think of the colour copper as a beautiful autumnal choice which ties in marvellously with the rich golds, reds and browns we often associate with autumn...just look around at the leaves falling off trees for inspiration! 

I have scoured the internet for a few finds which I think would add some autumnal drama to any household (without taking over your own decorative scheme!)I thought it would be fun to show you...

Copper bowls from Rowen & Wren
Barrel shaped hammered mug from CustomCopperMugs at Etsy
Copper sequin cushion cover from H&M
Copper table lamp from Heals

Copper tea light holder from H&M
Mumo Paulista Copper Geometric cushion from House of Fraser
Copper curve floor lamp from Marks and Spencers 
Kitchen aid artisan mixer from Selfridges

I hope some of you find this a useful mood board...let me know what you think! 
Also, isn't that kitchen aid just divine?! *Need this in my kitchen*

Happy weekend everyone,
Love Bunty



Being a freak about Soap & Glory

Okay guys, I have a bit of a problem...I am head over heels obsessed with the Soap & glory bath range! You joke, today I think just about every time I passed our bathroom, I went in just to open the lids of these products and breathe in their scent. Please tell me I am not the only person on the planet who behaves like a complete freak when it comes to a scent you just can't get enough of?! 
And if that wasn't enough, today I bought the hand food mini tube to go in my handbag, just so I could have access to that gorgeous scent on me at all times. 
I know this seems a bit of a random post, and I realise you're probably all thinking "what has finally made her crack and go a bit cuckoo" But I just, hands down, totally and completely cannot get enough of this stuff!
Anyway, I'm about to sit down with hubby dearest and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal and then I'm going to have the bubbliest, most wonderful Soap & Glory bath of all time!

I hope you're all having a wonderful evening!
Love Bunty


Alphabet bags

Hello everyone! I'm rather excited about this morning's blog as I want to share a bit of a new discovery with you all! Anyone heard of Alphabet Bags? I discovered this amazing brand during our stay in Whitstable where I happened upon some of their gorgeous products whilst perusing the cutest little home accessories shop. Alphabet Bags produce all kinds of bags, purses, wallets, wash bags, phone covers...you name it really! Using heavy natural canvas as a main material on a lot of their products, the bags have a real rustic feel and look so beautiful too! 

Lucas and Hayley, who began their business in 2008 both have a passion for the alphabet and typography which is a running feature across their collections. 

These bags would make such ideal gifts as it is super easy to pick out a design you like with the appropriate letter/initial to add that personalised touch. 

I think these bags are just so versatile! I bought a small pouch in a cream canvas with a big gold glittery 'B' on the front for Bunty. This would make such a perfect makeup bag for my handbag- but I am a bit afraid to use it straight away as I don't want to get it dirty! Haha!

I also bought a bag for Eddy/Noah. This is a wash bag and is lined inside with a waterproof lining. I think the slogan is really charming and I could easily see it being used as Eddy's wash bag, or Noah's out and about nappy pouch! Ohh, the possibilities!

Anyway, enough rambling on, i'll let the photos do the talking...

I hope you enjoyed these photos. If you haven't already, do check out their website HERE. You can also follow their blog HERE (which, if you are a blog fanatic like me, is well worth a look!) 

I hope you all find something special here...
Love Bunty


A trip to Whitstable

I've been a bit quiet again this week- sorry! We have been enjoying a couple of days in Whitstable with a friend and a couple of Eddy's brothers. It has been really nice to get away for a little while and I think it has done Eddy some good to mentally unwind a bit and spend some time with his best buds. 

Yesterday I decided to leave the boys playing rugby in the garden, in favour of a little retail therapy. I walked down to the local high street which is just so quaint and full of character. I'm not talking about your standard high street either: nearly every shop was an independent boutique selling the most beautiful home accessories, childrens toys, clothes, books, ladies fashion and so much more! Ohh, I could have spent much longer than I did, but I was actually quite late popping down and some of the shops were already closing!

It's funny because I closely studied the history of Whitstable for part of my BA dissertation and since we have had friends living there, I have been loving exploring the place little by little. There is such a timeless elegance to the architecture which is steeped in history. The whole feel of Whitstable, I feel, is like an eclectic mix of nautical inspired decor whilst remaining sympathetic to its Victorian heritage too. I kept my exploration to the main high street this time as I had limited time, but I certainly was not disappointed in the vast array of beautiful items for sale everywhere! I bought a couple of small things which I will gradually show you. For now though, here are a few snippet photos of some of the best features of the high street...Enjoy!


20 weeks pregnant- halfway milestone!

Ahhh! I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are passing and that we are now half way through this pregnancy already. This last week in particular has just disappeared. We have been quite busy with seeing family and spending a few days in Whitstable with some of Eddy's brothers and a good friend, and so I haven't really been on top of measuring or 'weighing in' this week- I bet there will be a bit of a climb next week!

How far along? 20 weeks

Total weight gain/ measurements: We have been staying with friends at the moment so I have not had a chance to check.

Maternity clothes: Yes, a firm yes!

Stretch marks? No new ones, but this week my tummy has started itching like it did last time round. I'm just keeping it lathered in oil and cream to keep the itchiness at bay as apparently the more you itch, the more likely you will end up with stretch marks! 

Sleep? Noah has been a bit wakeful at night this week which has made sleep a bit rough all round, but I guess if nothing else, it's all good preparation for baby #2. 
Also, I keep falling asleep on my back which is a massive no no for pregnant women, oops! I find big pillows do help keep me in position and comfy during the night so I'm just trying to get used to sleeping on my side again... it's definitely not my favourite position though. :( 

Best moment this week? Having a couple of days away with friends has been really nice actually. Sometimes it's just nice to have a break from the running of the home! I took myself off around the Highstreet in Whitstable yesterday which is a woman's shopping heaven! It is full of independent businesses which are mainly home decor shops, boutiques and childrens clothing shops. One happened to have the most beautiful little girls tutu's I have ever seen and I was sorely tempted...but we still don't know what we are having so I had to restrain myself. Haha!

Miss anything? Not really.

Movement: I'm feeling movement everyday now which is awesome. I have found myself really thinking more about this baby this last week and I think it's just because I keep getting these little fluttery reminders that he or she is busy inside me. It might sound mean or unfair, but when I am chasing after a toddler 24/7, I just don't have the time to daydream about this unborn baby as much as I could with Noah. However, feeling lots of movement this week has definitely got me excited to do my first baby haul for this one. I think I'll hold out until we find out the sex, and then just try and stop me! 

Food cravings? None really this week.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Not really. I am getting heartburn now, but it's nothing that a couple of Rennes doesn't resolve!

Gender? Still don't know...I'm getting very excited about finding out next week though, this is getting very real all of a sudden!

Labour signs? Nothing!

Symptoms: I think the tiredness is here to stay for the foreseeable, so I'm not going to winge about that this week. I have been quite up and down in my moods though, which isn't really like me normally. Really little things seem to be upsetting me or making me feel anxious and I just know I'm not reacting like I normally would. I hate blaming hormones for behaviour...but I think they are partly related. I have a real sense of not being quite in control of how I'm going to feel. Crazy woman!

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time? A real mix this week...I don't like displaying my emotions to the whole world, but I would be lying if I said I've not been a bit of a hormonal roller coaster this week. Thank goodness Eddy is so good about it, I think he just knows this phase will pass and there's never much of an issue that a warm hug and a nice cup of tea won't sort!

Looking forward to: I think I've been saying this for the last few weeks, but finding out the gender is on my mind all the time now. We find out next week and I know, for me it really marks a turning point in pregnancy just by helping me to mentally prepare for birth. There's something so special about knowing something so huge about his or her identity already.

That's everything for this week's update...don't forget to check in next week for my 21 week update where, fingers crossed, we will have a surprise gender reveal for you all! Woop woop!

Love Bunty


Evening skincare routine

I haven't posted on my skincare routine in a while so I thought it might make for an interesting post as it has changed somewhat since I last mentioned it! The main difference is that I do an 'all over' body moisturise every night to really help nourish those areas of skin that are being stretched by the pregnancy. 

Clinique rinse off cleanser: I love this face wash! It is so unbelievably gentle on the skin and Clinique are a brand who seem to just know how to be kind to your skin. My skin has been a little up and down during this pregnancy and so I'm really just trying to strip back the products and chemicals I'm using on my face to keep my skin happy! This stuff is definitely working a treat though. After removing my makeup, I massage a small amount it and let it form a foam which gently lifts away any excess makeup or dirt leaving my skin so smooth and clean! It's so lovely!

Palmer's massage lotion for stretch marks: I used this all the way through my first pregnancy and loved it. I alternate nights using either this or the bio oil on my existing stretch marks and lather it over my tummy, hips and thighs. Whilst my skin is being put to it's stretching capacity, I want to give it all the moisture it needs to help it along the way, and hopefully limit markings.

Palmer's Bust cream: This does pretty much exactly what it says on the bottle. I use this every day in the same way I use the Palmers massage lotion, just to help that area too. As I am naturally small chested, the growth of pregnancy can impact the skin in those places and, again, Im just trying to prevent any stretch marks appearing...we shall see! 

Nivea firming body lotion: After applying palmers, I like to use this light lotion all over the rest of my body to keep it hydrated. This range of Nivea skincare does promise to help firm your skin and although it's no miracle worker, I definitely see a bit of a difference after using this for a few weeks now. I also really love the smell of it and the fact that it sinks in nice and quickly. 

Bio-Oil: I've mentioned this a fair few times before, but it really really does work, especially in reducing the redness of stretch marks or other scars. I love the scent this has and it feels so luxurious on the skin. As you can see, I'm nearing the bottom of my bottle so I am going to have to repurchase this soon. I know I will!

nspa Mums to be Cooling Leg And Foot Gel: My sister gave me this to try as we both get irritable feet and legs in pregnancy. I'm still not exactly sure what it is but I know it's a common complaint amongst pregnant ladies. It's almost like your feet just can't settle and they feel really uncomfortable, especially at night time. This gel is lovely because it really counteracts that feeling by instantly cooling your legs and feet which seems to diminish their restlessness. I love using this before bedtime to just help settle me down for restful sleep. This is very affordable, I think it's about £6 (ish) from Asda.

I must admit, I have left off a couple of other products that do make their way into my skincare routine, but I didn't want to overload you on one post! I'll save those for another time! These are all my faves and I would highly recommend all of them, especially to any expecting mamas out there!

Hope you found these useful!
Love Bunty


What we wear when nothing fits!

Good morning everyone! Today I thought I would do a bit of a rare 'What Im wearing' post, based on the comedic morning I have had trying on outfits and looking for something that fits and, as a bonus, looks alright! 
Things are definitely getting a bit more difficult in the wardrobe department, I keep reaching for old jeans with the perfect outfit in mind and realising they are a complete no go these days. Thankfully these denim jeans I have on today are still going strong, although I am using the hairband trick on the top button!(But we don't need a photo of that look!)

So, I am wearing a plain grey tank top from H&M which, although not from their maternity range, is extra long so it will cover a growing bump. Over this I am wearing a beautiful light jumper my mum bought me from a boutique shop from back home. It's so light and feminine and easy to wear with most looks. I also love the poppers down the back, I think they are a really sweet detail. Although this brand (yaya) is not hugely talked about, they do the most beautiful clothes and they are so luxurious. My mama is the best for treating me!
My jeans are super old and they are from New Look and my sandals are ones I bought from Tesco's during spring this year. 
To accessorise, I am wearing some pretty pale drop earrings and a simple necklace- both from Forever 21. I first started loving Forever 21 clothes and accessories in my first year at uni when there was a huge store at my local shopping centre. They always do really lovely and affordable jewellery so it's always easy to bulk up your collection.

(Haha, excuse crazy face!)

So that is the final outcome of today's quest for an outfit! Hope you like!
Love Bunty

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