18 weeks pregnant

Hello Hello! Yet again it has been another busy week in the Morton household and I can't believe how quickly wednesday has rocked up again! I'm actually off to see my midwife shortly so I'll have to make this week's update a bit more brief!

How far along? 18 weeks!

Total weight gain/measurements: Thankfully, I gained weight this week after losing last week, so my total weight gain is up at 7lbs. Although it is still not a large amount, I definitely feel bigger. I keep doing double takes in the mirror like woah! Im looking big! 
My measurements are beginning to creep up too. This week my waist is 27.5", tummy: 36.5" and hips: 37.5". My tummy gained the most inches this week, but I'm hardly surprised as it is looking a lot rounder and the bump is now rising up towards my waist.

Maternity clothes: Absolutely necessary now, especially for jeans, but I find I can still wear a lot of my looser tops and jumpers. When shopping, I just look for either larger sizes or tops that have some 'give' in them.

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Sleep: Sleep hasn't been amazing this week if I'm honest. I've been very warm and sleep talking a lot (haha!) but it has been disturbing both mine and Eddy's sleep a bit. Im starting to notice round ligament pain in my abdomen if I sleep in the same position for too long as well, so Im just trying to remember all the tricks I learnt last time around to make sleeping more comfortable. 

Best moment this week: Taking the ferry out the Isle of Wight. We had family staying and all the kids loved the boat ride out and back, it was so fun!

Miss anything? Not especially.

Movement: Possibly, but nothing that was I was 100% sure of. This baby seems very chilled out!

Food cravings: Pickled onion monster munch. I don't know why, but if I'm not eating them, Im thinking about eating them! I seem to be really craving salty foods this time around, which is odd for me because I never really had specific cravings with Noah.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Driving does a little. I think it is more to do with the seat belt pushing on my belly which makes me feel a bit sick after a while. Once I'm bigger i'll be able to put the lap strap under my bump and it won't matter too much.

Gender? We find out in a couple of weeks!

Labour signs: Nope!

Symptoms: Feeling tired this week. Keeping up with the housework is quite draining at the moment. It's a bit annoying because it's not like I'm going hard at the gym or anything! It's literally just the everyday tasks like hoovering and organising laundry that have me wishing I could take a nap haha! Doesn't bode well does it?!
Another symptom this week which has really heightened is dizziness and feeling faint when I stand up or move too quickly. What i've noticed is that no matter how slowly I get up, I still get a strong 'head-rush' which takes a little while to disappear. I know it's all blood volume related and I had it with Noah too as I have quite low blood pressure anyway, but it has been slowing me down this week- to say the least!

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time? I'm pretty happy, but quite emotional too. TV programmes and movies have me in tears for no reason at all. (haha!) Aside from that, Im all good!

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender of this bambino very soon! Still can't believe it's real!

That is everything for this week's pregnancy update! Don't forget to check in next week for my 19 week update.

Love Bunty

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