A growing boy

We happen to have a few outlet shops just around the corner from us and the Next store does some really great offers on childrens clothes. I am a big fan of a jolly bargain and so I like to pop in every so often to see what they have. Noah seems to be pretty happy for the time being in his size 12-18 month clothes...although, come Christmas I'm sure we will be moving up a size again! Anyway, I found some nice pieces which should take him into autumn. 

In this photo, from left to right, I bought him a checked shirt which could look lovely on its own or open and on top of a tee shirt as an extra layer. The navy fox jumper is really soft and cosy and I loved the colours together. I find Jumpers are so ideal for little ones as they are so un fussy to quickly pull on, I find cardigans and zippy sweaters a little bit annoying as they always end up being pulled off! 
I also got Noah's fat little feet measured this morning and he is inbetween sizes at the moment, so I picked him up these boots, (at £9- a fraction of their original price!) These are a half size up from what he currently measures, but they should take him through winter nicely as I am convinced his feet grow pretty quickly.
I am a total sucker for stripes anyway, so I spotted this red and white top straight away. Although I don't always love slogans on childrens clothes, It looks so completely boyish and I really liked that about it.

Also in my shopping basket were some socks- The divorce rate if Noah's socks is unreal, we seem to lose them all the time and so I'm always happy to pick up some more whenever I see some on offer. And finally, this red jumper is quite sweet and cosy. I got it in size 18-24 months and so he will definitely be wearing it around Christmas time! I think it's quite jolly and will look super cute with a snugly hat and some jeans on.

That was everything in this mornings mini haul. I feel quite satisfied in not spending too much money either. Childrens clothing is such an industry and companys do know all the tricks to pull you into spending more money on your little ones. I feel quite aware of this and I think also, knowing that Noah will only wear something for a few months before he outgrows it, keeps my feet on the ground when shopping.

So, mumma's out there, maybe see if you can check out some outlets near you as I'm sure there are some great bargains just waiting to be snapped up!

Love Bunty

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