Autumn glow

I was in Dunelm the other day looking at their lamps and sure enough, I came away with an entirely different purchase! It is no secret that Dunelm is a great place to find a homely bargain and I was rather happy to bump into these two hurricane glass lanterns. I thought they would look nice on our sideboard in front of our big mirror. I really like lighting candles in the winter. We don't have a fireplace but it's nice to be able to have fire-in miniature! Candles make me feel really cosy and snug and there's nothing nicer to come home to when it's chilly outside! 

That said, I definitely don't need to be lighting them yet as the weather has been so warm these past few days. But I look forward to turning the lights down low and lighting some of our candles in the coming weeks.
Like I said, these were nice and cheap, (I think they were £9.99 each) they make a nice and cheap way to add some Autumn glow to your home.

Love Bunty

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