Baby play date

We managed to counter the 'Monday morning' blues today by having a play date at our house with a friend and her tiny 6 week old! It was so lovely to have some mummy chat and a catch up since we have been all over the country this last month. Noah was particularly curious to spend time with little Danny, and was especially interested in climbing up his pram to inspect what toys Danny had!
It's nice to be able to have some time with another young mum. We put the world to rights over our coffee and it was so lovely to see both our little ones together. I can't wait for them to be running around together, hopefully they'll be good friends someday!
I didn't manage to take many photos today as Noah had me running around after him lots, but he obviously tired himself out as after our guests left, he totally crashed out on his beanbag with a nice full bottle of milk.

Here's to a peaceful evening and perhaps an early night too!

Love Bunty

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