Being a freak about Soap & Glory

Okay guys, I have a bit of a problem...I am head over heels obsessed with the Soap & glory bath range! You joke, today I think just about every time I passed our bathroom, I went in just to open the lids of these products and breathe in their scent. Please tell me I am not the only person on the planet who behaves like a complete freak when it comes to a scent you just can't get enough of?! 
And if that wasn't enough, today I bought the hand food mini tube to go in my handbag, just so I could have access to that gorgeous scent on me at all times. 
I know this seems a bit of a random post, and I realise you're probably all thinking "what has finally made her crack and go a bit cuckoo" But I just, hands down, totally and completely cannot get enough of this stuff!
Anyway, I'm about to sit down with hubby dearest and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal and then I'm going to have the bubbliest, most wonderful Soap & Glory bath of all time!

I hope you're all having a wonderful evening!
Love Bunty


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