Easy on a Sunday?...well, that's what they say anyway!

Hello everyone! Well we have had a very busy night with a particular little man who didn't want to sleep...and was intent on letting everyone know about it! This morning we all woke up a little groggier than usual! Straight to the kettle to make some morning coffee and the world is seeming a lot brighter now! 

(As if butter wouldn't melt! This chappy wanted to be in all the photos!)

Obviously, today is Sunday so we are having a bit of a slow morning as we gradually get everyone ready for church later. We love walking to Mass which is about a mile away and when the weather is so beautiful there really is no excuse to drive! However, I have been finding by the time I get there I am so overheated and end up feeling faint pretty much on a weekly basis now. Coupling that situation with a very noisy Noah in church means that by now, Im pretty sure everybody knows who the Mortons are, whether or not we've been introduced! 
I've been trying to be a little more prepared recently, packing an 'emergency' snack bag for mummy, bottled water, toys for Noah, sippy cups and a whole array of other extras which make a whole difference to our church experience as a family. 
Another thing i'm aware of is not layering too much and getting unnecessarily hot. So, for example, today I am wearing a simple grey vest top with my skinny jeans and a light jacket to cover myself in church. It's not rocket science, but I guess i've been giving it a little more thought than usual as there is nothing worse than feeling boiling hot and not being able to do much about it!


My bracelet is one I bought from a street seller on our holiday in Cornwall this year. 

I did a 'quick fix' on my hair today by plaiting down one side and throwing it into a messy pony. I use Batiste dry shampoo XXL to give it extra volume and it also holds it in place pretty well.

 That pretty much amounts to our morning so far! We do have a lovely day planned ahead: lunch with a good friend and a girly evening of Downton Abbey at Chez Moi! 

I hope you all have a great Sunday too!
Love Bunty


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