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I haven't posted on my skincare routine in a while so I thought it might make for an interesting post as it has changed somewhat since I last mentioned it! The main difference is that I do an 'all over' body moisturise every night to really help nourish those areas of skin that are being stretched by the pregnancy. 

Clinique rinse off cleanser: I love this face wash! It is so unbelievably gentle on the skin and Clinique are a brand who seem to just know how to be kind to your skin. My skin has been a little up and down during this pregnancy and so I'm really just trying to strip back the products and chemicals I'm using on my face to keep my skin happy! This stuff is definitely working a treat though. After removing my makeup, I massage a small amount it and let it form a foam which gently lifts away any excess makeup or dirt leaving my skin so smooth and clean! It's so lovely!

Palmer's massage lotion for stretch marks: I used this all the way through my first pregnancy and loved it. I alternate nights using either this or the bio oil on my existing stretch marks and lather it over my tummy, hips and thighs. Whilst my skin is being put to it's stretching capacity, I want to give it all the moisture it needs to help it along the way, and hopefully limit markings.

Palmer's Bust cream: This does pretty much exactly what it says on the bottle. I use this every day in the same way I use the Palmers massage lotion, just to help that area too. As I am naturally small chested, the growth of pregnancy can impact the skin in those places and, again, Im just trying to prevent any stretch marks appearing...we shall see! 

Nivea firming body lotion: After applying palmers, I like to use this light lotion all over the rest of my body to keep it hydrated. This range of Nivea skincare does promise to help firm your skin and although it's no miracle worker, I definitely see a bit of a difference after using this for a few weeks now. I also really love the smell of it and the fact that it sinks in nice and quickly. 

Bio-Oil: I've mentioned this a fair few times before, but it really really does work, especially in reducing the redness of stretch marks or other scars. I love the scent this has and it feels so luxurious on the skin. As you can see, I'm nearing the bottom of my bottle so I am going to have to repurchase this soon. I know I will!

nspa Mums to be Cooling Leg And Foot Gel: My sister gave me this to try as we both get irritable feet and legs in pregnancy. I'm still not exactly sure what it is but I know it's a common complaint amongst pregnant ladies. It's almost like your feet just can't settle and they feel really uncomfortable, especially at night time. This gel is lovely because it really counteracts that feeling by instantly cooling your legs and feet which seems to diminish their restlessness. I love using this before bedtime to just help settle me down for restful sleep. This is very affordable, I think it's about £6 (ish) from Asda.

I must admit, I have left off a couple of other products that do make their way into my skincare routine, but I didn't want to overload you on one post! I'll save those for another time! These are all my faves and I would highly recommend all of them, especially to any expecting mamas out there!

Hope you found these useful!
Love Bunty


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