Filing the paperwork

The thought of keeping up with filing important paperwork can be enough to bore just about anyone, and, granted, it is not high up on my list of favourite chores either. However, I have wanted to get some filing wallets for various pieces of paperwork, one being my maternity notes. It's really important I keep all my appointment letters together, otherwise I just know I'll lose them and forget where and what time to turn up on the day! 
When I was pregnant with Noah, I had a pretty file from Pip Studio which held together all my important info and so I decided to get something for this baby's notes too. I went to Cath Kidston and purchased a couple of their document holders.

 They are just pretty floral one's, but they have plenty of room in them, so I figured they would be big enough for everything that will need to go in them. 
I still have Noah's now as a kind of memento of the whole pregnancy. I think it will be nice to show him one day when he's older. For now though, everything is ordered and filed safely away, which suits my 'OCD-ness' right down to the ground!

Love Bunty


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