Gym confidence

I've really regained confidence using the gym in a safe and appropriate way whilst pregnant through attending my pre-natal fitness classes. My instructor has been so supportive and helpful and, as a result, I now feel I can have a good and worthwhile workout without worrying about which types of equipment I should be avoiding. 
I also think half the battle with exercise is ensuring you feel as comfortable as possible. In my experience, this goes a long way in helping you to have a successful workout! I know that after wearing boring tee shirts and ancient cheap leggings for a LONG time, I've found myself hankering for something a little more cut out for being at a gym.
 As we have some local outlets, Eddy treated me to some 'proper' gym clothes to both accommodate my growing bump and offer as much support as possible. I wanted an outfit that would keep everything in place while I'm moving about, but which would also protect my modesty. I also desperately wanted to avoid that 'frumpy mum on the run' look which I seem to have gotten down to a fine art as of late! Lol! 
Anyway, this certainly didn't break the bank as I managed to find a few brilliant sale items which seemed a double bargain as they were all outlet clothes to begin with! 

My leggings and vest are both from Nike and my crop top is from Addidas. As they are all outlet pieces, I'm not sure if they would be currently available to buy, but there are plenty of similar pieces in the shops about. I think i'll probably head down to Primark or H&M too as they both have their own gym clothing lines which are both very budget friendly. 

I hope you've all had a lovely day today, bring on October!
Love Bunty


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